• Globally Planting People and Trees

    Help Harmonize Humanity and Reforest our World for the Next Seven Generations


    Our mission here is to heal the divide between humanity and nature. We are here to remind us that we are nature, we are this earth, and we are these trees. We plant ourselves as human beings into the ground, to “become” a tree for a short celebration, and then complete the process by planting a tree in the same hole.


    Humanitree allows one to forever entangle their being with that tree, that land, and this Earth. Humanitree is a simple regenerative experience that will continue to reforest our planet, one planting at a time. Together, as a single human family, we can grow a fruitful future felt all the way down to the bottoms of our soles squished into living soil.

  • Join the Movement

    Plant your self, Plant a tree, and reforest the Earth!

  • Help Grow the Movement and Support the Humanitree Challenge

    We are raising funds for our team to travel around the world to communities, eco-villages, and retreat centers to perform Humanitree Ceremonies with our Planetary Tribe!

  • How to Become a Humanitree

    Get Planted Today!